Chapter Project Book (CPB)

The CHAPTER PROJECT BOOKLET (CPB) is published by ANG in odd numbered years to provide programs to further the education of the members of ANG. Each chartered chapter receives a copy of the book, and projects in it may be used for ANG chapter programs or workshops only. Each ANG member who signs up for a Chapter Project Booklet program or workshop will receive one copy of the instructional material. Any further questions should be addressed here.

The intent of the CPB is to provide program and workshop materials for a chapter. An individual who has stitched the project leads the participants through it, providing tips, hints and guidance to the group and to individuals as needed. The CPB is not intended to be used individually by a member; its intent is to give groups of chapter members an opportunity to work projects designed and prepared by certified teachers without having those teachers come to the chapters in person. It gives chapters an opportunity to benefit from the expertise of national teachers at no cost.

The CPB is not to be used outside of chapter meetings/workshops. The CPB belongs to the chapter and is not the property of the officers. It should be displayed at chapter meetings, and the members should be consulted as to which projects they want to do. If the chapter chooses not to use the CPB, is should be returned to the CPB Chairman so it may be sent to another chapter. It is not to be discarded.

Photos of projects for 2009, 2011, 2013, 2015