Gingerbread House

Course Registration | Student Proficiency Levels

Instructor: Peg Dunayer
Type of Course: Project
Level of Proficiency: Basic Intermediate
Number of Lessons: 2
Length of Course: 6 months
Ground Material(s): Brown 18-count mono, canvas and brass screen
Finished Size: 7" x 4" x 7"
Kit Cost: Optional embellishment/ finishing kit, $30
Teaching Fee: $42 per student
Registration Fee: $11 individual, $35 group
Last Day to Register:October 31, 2006


Star Spangled Sampler

The holiday confection of storybook fame is the inspiration for Gingerbread House. Topped by a bead-trimmed roof lid and embellished with buttons and beads, this stitched piece is finished as a functional three-dimensional, calorie-free confection. Each of the four sides depicts a different view. The instructions are divided into stitching and finishing/assembly. The optional finishing/embellishment kit includes foundation boards, roof screen, beads, charms, and buttons.