Gated Secrets

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Instructor: Sandra Arthur
Type of Course: Project
Level of Proficiency: Advanced Intermediate
Number of Lessons: 1
Length of Course: 6 months
Ground Material(s): #18 canvas, ecru or off-white
Design Area Size: 8½" X 8½"
Kit Cost: No kit, required text, $35
Gated Secrets

This dimensional needlepoint project, Gated Secrets by Sandra Arthur, explores many techniques to add interest and challenge. Detailed descriptions, color photos, and stitch illustrations walk you through techniques of appliqué, trapunto, and sponge painting on the canvas. Trapunto is a decorative quilted effect using padding and by stitching around the outline of the design area. Stumpwork variations add dimension and texture. Stitching includes needleweaving and many additional showcase stitches such as Nobuko, buttonhole on a knot, darning, bargello, mosaic, raised stem stitch, and combination stitches. Experience working with fantastic suggested threads such as Pepper Pot Silk, Burmilana, Gumnut, ThreadworX, Rainbow Gallery, and others.