Margaret Kinsey’s Butterfly Circle


Join our CyberWorkshop in creating the beautiful Butterfly Circle. It is stitched using silk and metal thread embroidery, and canvaswork techniques. It is worked on Congress cloth.

The elegant butterfly is created with Au ver a Soie soie de Paris silks in purples. The flowers are also worked in soie de Paris silks. There are canvas stitches as well as surface embroidery stitches used in the flowers. Accentuate and assorted metallic threads, including twists, cords and Japanese metals with 15° Japanese seed beads are also worked in the design. The background is the Ming pattern using basketweave and variation. The background thread is 6-stranded cotton and blending filament.

The design is a motif adapted from a woven Noh costume of 17th century Japan.

Techniques include needle painting, couching, padded satin over card with DMC six-strand cotton floss, slanted and interlocking Gobelin, brick stitch, stem, the Ming and 4-way continental.

This piece is designed with the beginner to intermediate stitcher in mind. Enjoy the adventure of silk and metal on Congress Cloth. An optional kit will be available.

Butterfly Circle registration will be open from March 1, 2015 through April 30, 2015. The workshop will start July 1, 2015.

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Level: Basic Intermediate
Time: Five months
Design Size:

4.75" circle

Schedule for Posting of Lessons:

To give students time to work each portion before the next lesson is released, lessons will be posted on July 1st, August 2st, September 6st, October 4st and November 8th.

For details on threads and other supplies, see the Materials List Page.

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