Future ANG CyberWorkshops

Future ANG CyberWorkshops are being planned -- check back here regularly to see what has been scheduled!

Complete registration information for each class, including fees, will be available on the ANG Web site when registration for the class opens.

Class and Teacher:  Off the Beaten Path by Carolyn Mitchell

Registration Period:  October 1-November 30, 2014
CyberWorkshop Begins:  February 1, 2015
Proficiency Level:  Intermediate

This intriguing design studies circles involving sizes, techniques, stitches and fibers worked on #18 mono canvas. A variety of stitches create the "tangles". Students can choose one long design measuring 4" by 18.5" with a 1.5" space in-between the designs or individually one design measures 4" by 4" and the other two each measure 4" by 5.75".

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