Future ANG CyberWorkshops

Future ANG CyberWorkshops are being planned -- check back here regularly to see what has been scheduled!

Complete registration information for each class, including fees, will be available on the ANG Web site when registration for the class opens.

Class and Teacher:  Grecian Glory Cuff by Orna Willis
Registration Period:  July 1 - August 31, 2014
CyberWorkshop Begins:  November 1, 2014
Proficiency Level:  Intermediate Advanced

Stitch an elegant cuff on #18 canvas, using hand-dyed silks and cottons and embellish it with pearls and glass beads. Students will also learn how to easily finish it with a rich piece of Ultrasuede. The cuff is stitched on the diagonal adding interest to the process. Choose from one of three unique color options.

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