ANG is pleased to announce the upcoming registration for our next ANG CyberWorkshop, Ladybug Tea. Registration for this course starts on January 1, 2015 and concludes February 28, 2015. Join us for this six-month course which will start May 1, 2015!

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Each ANG CyberWorkshop is conducted via a private, dedicated e-mail list on which the class teacher will post instructions, stitching hints, and guidance on a regular basis, and students will be able to ask questions. The e-mail list will be created after registration closes. Based on past experience, the amount of traffic on this e-mail list varies throughout the class. At the beginning of the class, students can expect to receive more than a dozen messages on some days. As the class continues, there are significantly fewer messages.

All CyberWorkshops are taught over a four to six-month period; the number and frequency of lessons will be determined by the complexity of the project. In order to register, your membership must be current with ANG's national membership office. Check the label of your most recent issue of Needle Pointers for the expiration date. If you are not an ANG member, you can join.

Future ANG CyberWorkshops are being planned - check back here regularly to see what has been scheduled!