Volume XXXIII, Number 5                          September 2005


10   Wrapped Cords 101
A short lesson on a technique that produces maximum wow for minimum work.
by Joan Thomasson
14   Harvest Colours
These fall leaves are so heartwarmingly rich, you'll want to hang them up, not rake them up.
by Mary K. Campbell   three needles of difficulty
20   Great Expectations
We're not sure if the name of this project refers to the antixipation of opening the gifts Santa's bringing on his sleigh or the joy of beeing able to flaunt this cherry holiday scene each Christmas. It's probably both.
by Sandra Maag Reddell   four needles of difficulty
26   Wisequackers
One of Chottie Alderson's most popular designs is this gaggle of gabbing geese.
Design by Chottie Alderson, Directions by Sandy Rodgers and Pat Correz   three needles of difficulty
32   The Paper Bag Mystery Sampler
How one chapter entertained members with a secret yearlong project.
by Lorraine Kirker
34   To The Letter, Part 2
In the second in her series featuring charts from her popular alphabet book. Tink helps stitchers spell success.
by Tink Boord-Dill

Chottie Alderson's Geese  
Fowl Play, page 26
Take a gander at these gorgeous geese, courtesy of Chottie Alderson.
   Legend for Projects
Each needle indicates a suggested degree of difficulty.
one needle of difficulty   Least Difficult      five needles of difficulty   Most Difficult

Joan Thomasson's Shells
   Joan Thomasson shells out tips on a nifty technique, page 10


4    Date Book
4    President's Column
by Susan H. Davis
5    Shay's Solutions
by Shay Pendray
7    Trade Secrets
7    In Stitches
by Carole H. Lake
7    Book Review
by Carolyn M. Humes
8    Legends of the Past
by Jill Becker
8    Product News
by Sandy Rodgers
9    Technique
by Pat Mazu
36    Guild News
38    ANG Annual Report 2004-2005
40    Treasurer's Report 2004-2005
42    Chaper News
43    Vounteer Staff