Stitch of the Month

Needlepoint is a wonderful art form. Today's stitcher can choose from a wide assortment of stitches and threads, making it easy to achieve a variety of effects on the canvas. Every month, we'll tell you a little about a different stitch and then show you how to execute it. New stitches will be posted around the 1st of each month.

September 2017   Panel 2, Areas 5a and 5b
August 2017   Panel 2, Areas 4a and 4b
July 2017   Panel 2, Areas 3a and 3b
June 2017   Panel 2, Areas 2a and 2b
May 2017   Panel 2 Overview (4-Color), Area 1
April 2017   Panel 1, Areas 4a and 4b
March 2017   Panel 1, Areas 3a, 3b, 3c, and 3d
February 2017   Panel 1, Areas 2a and 2b
January 2017   Panel 1 Overview (Monochromatic), Area 1
January 2017   Kaleidoscope Squares, A Color Study of Shifting Patterns, Introduction
December 2016   Couching
November 2016   Staggered Mosaic
October 2016   Daisies with Upright Satin Stitch and a Single Herringbone Row
September 2016   Nobuko
August 2016   Brighton and Thread Couched with Crosses
July 2016   Triangles
June 2016   Giant Brick Stitch
May 2016   Bound Cross Stitch with Tent Stitches
April 2016   Cameo Stitch
March 2016   Byzantine
February 2016   Cross Stitches with Metallic Upright Crosses
January 2016   4-Way Arrow Amadeus
January 2016   Feuilles d'ananas (A Study in Values), Introduction
December 2015   Water Lily
November 2015   Water Lily
October 2015   Water Lily
September 2015   Water Lily
August 2015   Water Lily
July 2015   Water Lily
June 2015   Water Lily
May 2015   Water Lily
April 2015   Water Lily
March 2015   Water Lily
Febuary 2015   Water Lily
January 2015   Water Lily
December 2014   Completed 2014 SOTM Projects
December 2014   Bracelet #3: Antique Mathom
November 2014   Bracelet #3: Antique Mathom
October 2014   Bracelet #3: Antique Mathom
September 2014   Bracelet #3: Antique Mathom
August 2014   Bracelet #2: Iced Cooler
July 2014   Bracelet #2: Iced Cooler
June 2014   Bracelet #2: Iced Cooler
May 2014   Bracelet #2: Iced Cooler
April 2014   Bracelet #1: Spring Has Sprung
March 2014   Bracelet #1: Spring Has Sprung
Febuary 2014   Bracelet #1: Spring Has Sprung
January 2014   Bracelet #1: Spring Has Sprung
December 2013   Finished Design
November 2013   Twisted Chain Border
October 2013   Metallic Backstitch
September 2013   Upright Gobelin and Eyelet Stitch
August 2013   Sprats Head Stitch
July 2013   Still Need
June 2013   Pattern inside of leaf
May 2013   Florentine Stitches between leaf and star
April 2013   Leaf Motif
March 2013   Burden Stitch Borders
Febuary 2013   Order of Working
January 2013   Four-Way Florentine
December 2012   Heart Darning Pattern
November 2012   Chottie’s Plaid
October 2012   Double Straight Cross
September 2012   Laid Filling Pattern 78
August 2012   Amadeus Hearts with T-Stitch Background
July 2012   Woven Tramé
June 2012   Victorian Step
May 2012   Trellis Pattern
April 2012   Tortoiseshell Filling
March 2012   Composite Pattern
Febuary 2012   Criss-Cross Hungarian
December 2011   Border and Background
November 2011   Reverse Sprats Head
October 2011   Walnetto
September 2011   Double Fan Doubled (DFD)
August 2011   Eight Point Star
July 2011   Sprats Head
June 2011   Fleur de Lis
May 2011   Chilly Hollow
April 2011   Diamond Jessica
March 2011   Amadeus
February 2011   Waffle
January 2011   Flowers of Italy
December 2010   A PROMISE OF MYSTERY!
November 2010   A PROMISE OF MYSTERY!
October 2010   A PROMISE OF MYSTERY!
September 2010   A PROMISE OF MYSTERY!
February 2010   A PROMISE OF MYSTERY!
January 2010   A PROMISE OF MYSTERY!
End of 2009   Finishing Touches
December 2009   Damask Pattern
November 2009   Diagonal Trellis
October 2009   Upright Trellis
September 2009   Cassique Stitch
August 2009   Sally’s Diamonds
July 2009   Russell Variant
June 2009   Henderson Variant
May 2009   Diagonal Pattern Couching
April 2009   Nobuko Variant Stitch
March 2009   Kimi Stitch
February 2009   Donohue Stitch
January 2009   Charted Outline
January 2009   Supplemental Chart for Glittering Kimono
January 2009   Glittering Kimono
December 2008   Circles: Themes and Variations
November 2008   French Knot
October 2008   Ribbed Spider
September 2008   Couched Circle
August 2008   Raised Spider
July 2008   Woven Spider
June 2008   Four-way Bargello
May 2008   Circular Buttonhole
April 2008   Circular Rhodes
March 2008   Round Eyelet
February 2008   Jessica
January 2008   Round Bargello
December 2007   A Holiday Handbag by Brenda Hart
December 2007   Mosaic Variation #1 Stitch
November 2007   Kennan Stitch
October 2007   Brighton Stitch
September 2007   Medallions
August 2007   Hungarian Variation
July 2007   Woven Braid
June 2007   Flower Basket Pavilion 
May 2007   Small Grounding
April 2007   Buttonhole Gobelin
March 2007   Horizontal Gobelin Variation
February 2007   Woven Diamond Stitch
January 2007   Reversed Criss Cross Hungarian Stitch
December 2006   Autumn in the Highlands by Kathy Fenchel
November 2006   Woven Milanese
October 2006   Beading with the basketweave stitch
September 2006   Variations on the trellis background stitch
August 2006   An alternative to the standard turkeywork technique
July 2006   Herringbone border variations
June 2006   Shading with Smyrnas
May 2006   Facing bullion knots without fear and loathing!
April 2006   Leaf Stitch Variations
March 2006   Argyle Border
February 2006   Wrapped Backstitch
January 2006 Framed Pavilion
December 2005 Dragonfly and Fireflies Kimono by Sharon G
November 2005 Brocade Variation
October 2005 Sharon G's Favorite Border
September 2005 Embossed Framed Diagonal Mosaic Variation
August 2005 Bow Ties and Tuxedo Stripes
July 2005 Turn in the Rhodes
June 2005 Penny's Ribbon
May 2005 6 x 6s
April 2005 Cathedral Windows
March 2005 Simply Elegant Border #1
February 2005 Embossed Upright Bricking
January 2005 Double Tramé Couching with Herringbone Filling
December 2004 Illumination by Ann Strite-Kurz
November 2004 Two-Way Diagonal Couching Pattern with Upright Cross Tiedowns
October 2004 One-Way Diagonal Couching Pattern with Mirrored Milanese Tiedowns
September 2004 One-Way Diagonal Couching Pattern - Web Stitch
August 2004 One-Way Couching Pattern with Oblong Cross Tiedowns
July 2004 Two-Way Couching Patterns with Alternating Spacing of the Laid Rows
June 2004 Shading Effects with Two-Way Couching Patterns with Cross Stitch Tiedowns
May 2004 Two-Way Vertical and Horizontal Couching Patterns with Cross Stitch Tiedowns
April 2004 One-Way Couching Patterns with Cross Stitch Tiedowns
March 2004 Traméd Hungarian
February 2004 Pattern Couching 
January 2004 Burden Stitch and Variations  
January 2004 Introduction to the 2004 Stitch of the Month
December 2003 I Never Promised You A Rose Garden by David McCaskill
November 2003 Leaf Pattern
October 2003 Clematis Square
September 2003 Spiral Satin
August 2003 Trellis Variation
July 2003 Couching Variation
June 2003 Floral Trellis
May 2003 Lace Pattern
April 2003 Diagonal Mosaic Variation
March 2003 Water Stitch
February 2003 Trellis Cross Variation
January 2003 Cross Stitch Embellishments
December 2002 Berryville by Carole Lake
November 2002 Medallion Stitch
October 2002 Diamond Scotch Stitch
September 2002 Amadeus Stitch
August 2002 Divided Scotch Stitch
July 2002 Diagonal Oblong Upright Cross
June 2002 Even Alternating Oblong Cross
May 2002 Cross Stitch Plus Two
April 2002 Braided Knitting
March 2002 Chilly Hollow Stitch
February 2002 Alisha Lace
January 2002   Four-Way Continental
December 2001   Whimsy by Chris Eisenberg
November 2001   Fringe Stitch
October 2001   Nun Stitch
September 2001   Buttonhole Stitch
August 2001   Pavilion Stitch and Variation
July 2001   Couching Stitch and Variation
June 2001   Small Rhodes Stitch
May 2001   Milanese Stitch and Variation
April 2001 Leaf Stitch
March 2001 Double Straight Cross
February 2001 Diamond Rhodes
January 2001 Sprat's Head and Variation
December 2000 Honey I Shrunk the Heart by Pat Timpanaro
November 2000 Four-Trip Herringbone
October 2000 Staggered Cross Stitch
September 2000 Fran's Challenge Stitch
August 2000 Diagonal Cashmere and Framed Cashmere Mosaic
July 2000 Diagonal Mosaic and Framed Diagonal Mosaic
June 2000 Criss-Cross Hungarian Stitch
May 2000 Woven Trellis Stitch
April 2000 Woven
March 2000 T-Square
February 2000 T-Stitch
January 2000 Cashmere Stitch
December 1999 Barbara’s Patchwork by Barbara Richardson
November 1999 Parisian
October 1999   Elongated Smyrna Cross & Variation
September 1999   Plaited Square Diagonal
August 1999   Double Tied Oblong Cross and Variations
July 1999   Bargello
June 1999   Byzantine
May 1999   Rice Stitch
April 1999   Upright Cross
March 1999   Rhodes Heart
February 1999   Smyrna Cross
January 1999   Mosaic Stitch
December 1998   Norwich Delight by Beth Robertson
November 1998   Herringbone
October 1998   Norwich
September 1998   Long Arm Cross
August 1998   Square Eyelet
July 1998   Bound Cross Stitch
June 1998   Scotch Stitch
May 1998   Brick Stitch
April 1998   Gobelin Stitch
March 1998   Diagonal Tent (Basketweave) Stitch
February 1998   Tent (Continental) Stitch

February, 1998 is the first Stitch of the Month.