Stitch of the Month
February 2000: T-Stitch

by Pat Timpanaro

The T-Stitch is a good background stitch. It creates a light, lacy look because every other canvas intersection is left unworked. The amount of laciness can be controlled by the weight of the thread -- use a heavier thread for a more solid appearance or a lighter thread for more airiness.

This stitch is best worked in diagonal rows of running stitch. Work all the rows in one direction (red numbers on chart) first, then those in the opposite direction (blue letters).

Because this stitch is so open, you must be careful with your travelling threads. In the diagram, when going from 20 to 21, for example, you should take tacking stitches in the margin of your canvas or run the thread under previously worked stitches in adjacent areas to avoid dragging the thread across the open holes.

It is best to start and stop all your threads at the beginning or end of the row.

Stitched sample
Stitched in Perle Coton
#5 and #8

Sample stitched by 
Sandy Winder

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