Stitch of the Month
March 2000: T-Square

by Pat Timpanaro

The T-Square stitch is a larger version of the T-Stitch. It also creates a light, lacy look even though every canvas intersection is covered. The openness is created by the traveling paths on the back of the canvas, all of which are behind stitches on the front of the canvas.

This stitch would be perfect for the lattice-work on a porch or gazebo.

Work the T-Square stitch in diagonal rows as charted. Use your laying tool to gently push previously placed stitches aside when coming up at #5, #9, etc.

It is best to start and stop all your threads at the beginning or end of the row. If you must stop in the middle of the row, make sure you weave your ends so that the change of thread is not visible from the front of your canvas.

Sample stitched by 
Sandy Winder

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