Stitch of the Month
April 2000: Woven

by Pat Timpanaro

While the chart for the Woven stitch looks identical to the that for the T-Square stitch, the traveling paths on the back of the canvas are completely different, resulting in a very different look on the front of the canvas. This stitch is one of my favorite background stitches -- it works up fast, compensates easily around the most irregular shapes, and has no direction to distract for the foreground image.

This stitch is worked in horizontal rows. The over-1 stitches across the top and down the sides of the chart are compensating stitches.

It is best to start and stop all your threads at the beginning or end of the row. If you must stop in the middle of the row, make sure you weave your ends so that the change of thread is not visible from the front of your canvas. If you're not careful, you may have a hole -- resulting from a "missing" vertical on the back -- that is quite obvious.

Woven Stitch
Sample stitched by 
Sandy Winder

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