Stitch of the Month
May 2000: Woven Trellis Stitch

by Pat Timpanaro

Woven Trellis is another stitch that can be used to give the appearance of a trellis. This stitch is worked in two steps.

First work Step 1 in horizontal rows across the entire area. Compensate as necessary around the edges (refer to the final chart).
Fill in Step 2.
Depending on your choice of threads, a variety of effects can be achieved. If the same thread is used for both steps, you have a nice, subtle textured background. For a different look, use the same color, but different types of threads for each step -- for example, work Step 1 in wool and use pearl cotton for Step 2. For a very dramatic look, use different threads and colors for each step -- black pearl cotton for Step 1 and a red metallic for Step 2. The number of deferment looks is limited only by your willingness to experiment.

Stitched samples
Samples stitched by Sandy Winder

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