Stitch of the Month
June 2000: Criss-Cross Hungarian Stitch

by Pat Timpanaro

The Criss-Cross Hungarian is one of my favorite stitches. This stitch is worked in two steps.

First work Step 1 in horizontal rows across the entire area. These are the basic units of the diagonal Hungarian stitch. After all these units have been stitched, fill in with a cross stitch over the voided intersections of canvas. The gray lines on the Step 2 chart show the compensation along the top and side edges.

Step 1


Step 2

I really like this stitch when filling an area that contains an odd number of canvas threads -- that is, the area has a center thread rather than a center channel. You can center this stitch in the area and have perfect symmetry.

Again, the overall appearance of the stitch is determined by your choice of threads. I like to work the diagonal Hungarian units in an overdyed cotton or silk and fill in the crosses with a fine metallic thread. The look would be more subtle if you were to use a solid color silk or cotton for the cross stitches.

If you don't want the added texture of the cross stitches, fill in with tent stitches. If you want more texture, fill in with French knots or beads.

Samples stitched by Sandy Winder

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