Stitch of the Month
July 2000: Diagonal Mosaic and Framed Diagonal Mosaic

by Pat Timpanaro

The Diagonal Mosaic stitch is a variation of the Mosaic Stitch . In this variation, you work a series of stitches over one and two canvas intersections along the true diagonal of the canvas. In the chart below, the gray lines indicate compensating stitches.

Samples stitched by Sandy Winder

When stitched, the Diagonal Mosaic has a very strong diagonal appearance. An easy way to create a 4-way background is to change direction in each quadrant of the design.


My favorite way to use this stitch is to frame each row of Diagonal Mosaic with a row of Tent stitches. This is most effective if different threads are used for the Diagonal Mosaic and Tent stitches. The look is subtle if the threads are the same color, but different composition -- e.g., use wool for the Diagonal Mosaic and work the Tent stitches in pearl cotton. For a more dramatic effect, choose contrasting threads. I like to use a metallic for the tent stitches.

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