Stitch of the Month
August 2000:
Diagonal Cashmere and Framed Cashmere Mosaic

by Pat Timpanaro

The Diagonal Cashmere Stitch is a variation of the Cashmere Stitch . This variation has the same relation to the Cashmere Stitch as the Diagonal Mosaic  does to the Mosaic Stitch .

Diagonal Mosaic

In this variation, the final over-1 stitch of one Cashmere unit becomes the first over-1 stitch of the next unit.

When stitched, the Diagonal Cashmere has an oblique diagonal appearance. In the charts the overall direction of the stitch is horizontal. By working the initial Cashmere stitch in a vertical orientation, the overall direction of the Diagonal Cashmere will be vertical.

I like to frame each row of Diagonal Cashmere with a row of Tent stitches. This is most effective if different threads are used for the Diagonal Cashmere and Tent stitches. As with the Diagonal Mosaic, the look can be subtle or dramatic, depending on the contrast in color and texture of the two threads.

Framed Diagonal Cashmere

Samples stitched by Sandy Winder

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