Stitch of the Month
September 2000:
Fran's Challenge Stitch

by Pat Timpanaro

The "Fran" of this stitch is Fran Zenker, of the Golden Gate Canvas Workers Chapter of ANG. It covers exactly 12 canvas threads horizontally and vertically.

This stitch is worked in three trips:

  • Trip 1 work diagonal stitches over 3 threads

Fran Trip 1

  • Trip 2 work a large 12 x 12 cross stitch with diagonal stitches over 6 threads in the corners

Fran Trip 2

  • Trip 3 complete the stitch with diagonal stitches over 2 threads; numbering is a suggestion, you may prefer a working different order

Fran Trip 3

You can get a multitude of different effects with this stitch by varying the threads used.

In the sample above:
Trip 1 is Fyreworks, trip 2 is Neon Rays and trip 3 Cluny
Samples stitched by Sandy Winder

If you're using this stitch for a background or to cover a large area, work each trip across the entire area before continuing with the next trip.

This page may be printed and reproduced in its entirety by ANG Chapters for publication in their newsletters.