Stitch of the Month
October 2000:
Staggered Cross Stitch

by Pat Timpanaro

The Staggered Cross Stitch is another one whose overall appearance is diagonally oblique. By changing the position of the second cross stitch, you can change this final direction.

Work the Staggered Cross Stitch in two steps

  • Step 1 Fill the area with 2 x 2 cross stitches in staggered rows.

Staggered Cross Step 1

  • Step 2 Fill in the voided areas with 1 x 1 cross stitches.

Staggered Cross Step 2

Use a smaller needle and thinner thread for Step 2. For example, on 18-count canvas, I may use #5 pearl cotton and a #24 tapestry needle for Step 1 and #8 Kreinik braid and a #26 tapestry needle for Step 2.

Samples stitched by Sandy Winder

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