Stitch of the Month
November 2000:
Four-Trip Herringbone

by Pat Timpanaro

There are a number of variations of the Herringbone Stitch. A previous version covered 4 canvas threads and required 6 journeys. The current version also covers 4 canvas threads, but requires only 4 journeys.

Each journey is worked from left to right. In the charts, the current journey is shown in white, all previous journeys are shown in gray.

Herringbone Trip 1
Trip 1
Herringbone Trip 2
Trip 2
Herringbone Trip 3
Trip 3
Herringbone Trip 4
Trip 4
I really like the look of this stitch, especially if you use a very different thread for Journeys 2 and 4, usually one that is thinner than the one used for the other journeys. For example, on 18-count canvas, I may use #16 Kreinik braid and a #24 tapestry needle for Journeys 1 and 3, with #8 pearl cotton and a #26 tapestry needle for Journeys 2 and 4.

Herringbone-different colors

Samples stitched by Sandy Winder

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