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by Chris Eisenberg 

The December edition of the ANG Stitch of the Month is a special holiday present to all our visitors. "Whimsy" uses many of the stitches that have been featured on this page during 2001 and gives you an opportunity to try them in a charming, versatile design.

Whimsy is stitched with five different threads, each with its own properties. It is exciting to explore a single design with different colors and different threads. The stitches stay the same, but the effects can be surprisingly different. I hope this design inspires you to do this kind of experimenting. Even "failures" teach you so much. 

Whimsy as sachet

To complete Whimsy you will need:

  • 6" x 6" 18-count mono canvas
  • 1 skein Watercolors
  • 1 skein Rachel
  • 1 spool Balger Braid #8
  • 1 card Neon Rays
  • 1 card Patina
  • 2 pairs of 6" stretchers bars and tacks

Click here to see different color combinations

Watercolours Balger Neon Rays Patina Rachel Canvas
Twilight 023 N98 PA44 Blue Blue
Vanilla 101 N91 PA01 White Gray
Peach Sherbert 013 N10 PA01 Peach Pink
Pine Forest 2829 N36 PA229 Dk. Red Gray
Grand Canyon 2829 N35 PA28 Apricot Ecru

Let's begin stitching!

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