Stitch of the Month
April 2002: Braided Knitting

by Carole Lake

Also known as overlapping cross stitch, braided knitting is my favorite variation on the oblong cross. It's a simple row stitch made up of one cross stitch overlapping the previous one, over and over. It's great for stripes and for borders. It's also a nice filling, although you do need to start each row again at the top rather than going back and forth. You can turn it on its side and work horizontally, too.

Samples Stitched by Carole Lake

I worked two samples, one vertically (cream-colored) and the other horizontally (multi-colored), so that you could see the difference.

This version -- over 4 threads vertically and 2 horizontally -- is probably the most common version of this stitch, but it has infinite variations. I have made some great borders using this stitch over 6 threads vertically and 6 horizontally.

This stitch is particularly effective in overdyed threads because it shows the color variation so nicely. It really showcases a thread like Watercolours. Worked in narrow rows, it really looks like braiding, hence the name. Worked in a small version it looks like knitting, again hence the name. It makes a great mitten or muffler on a snowman.

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