Stitch of the Month
August 2002: Divided Scotch Stitch

by Carole Lake

This neat filling stitch is a variation of a giant Scotch stitch. Instead of proceeding with the stitches in the normal order, two of the stitches are divided into smaller stitches. There is more than one stitch order that would work for this stitch; one is suggested below.

It is better worked in a smooth thread, because the pattern is hard to see in a fuzzy thread. Try it in pearl cotton, Trebizond silk, Sprinkles or Watercolours.

It is usually worked in one color, though I see no reason why it couldn't be worked in more than one. It's good for textural interest in a large area where you don't want a strong pattern. This stitch has lots of obvious applications in architectural pieces, such as shingles or stone walls, but it also makes a nice pattern to fill any area with relatively even edges, such as Christmas packages on a stocking. It makes a good border and a good background.

Sample Stitched by Carole Lake

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