Stitch of the Month
December 2002: Berryville

by Carole Lake

BerryvilleThe December edition of the ANG Stitch of the Month is a special holiday present to all our visitors: Berryville is a design that uses many of the stitches that have been featured on this page during 2002. It also gives you an opportunity to try them in an elegant geometric design.

Click to view enlargement.

The finished size of Berryville is 5" x 5", a good size for many of the boxes made to display needlework.

Materials list:

Experiment with stitches and with colors; but most of all have fun and enjoy! The creator of Berryville, Carole Lake, and the members of the ANG Internet Committee worked the design using a variety of threads and colors. Take a look at our results!

Use one strand of Kreinik #8 braid, one strand of pearl cotton #5 and one ply from the three-ply strand Watercolours. Label your dark pearl cotton Color A and the light one Color B.

Mount your canvas on stretcher strips. Make sure it is taut. Your canvas may loosen up while you're working on Berryville. If this happens, remount your canvas, stretching it tight.

Let's start stitching!

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