Stitch of the Month
July 2002: Diagonal Oblong Upright Cross

by Carole Lake

This version of the alternating oblong cross is worked over three threads (though it can be over any odd number of threads). It can basically be used anywhere the even alternating oblong cross can be used, but it has a less structured appearance. This stitch is easier to work if you work the rows diagonally rather than across. Again, be sure to cross your crosses the same way.

Sample Stitched by Carole Lake

This is a good stitch for foliage (try an overdyed floss or Medici), and it is a good filler stitch because it covers well. Consider it for Santa's coat or angel wings, too.

Do not forget that these stitches can be worked horizontally, as well as vertically. You can often create a neat effect by changing directions within a piece, and it makes a great mitered border.

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