Stitch of the Month
June 2002: Even Alternating Oblong Cross

by Carole Lake

The Even Alternating Oblong Cross Stitch can be worked in almost as many sizes of cross as you can imagine, as long as the base stitch is over an even number of threads vertically. Then you just proceed to work in half-drop fashion, as numbered. It is one of my favorite oblong cross variations.

I used Watercolours and worked three different variations in my stitch samples.

Samples Stitched by Carole Lake

This stitch makes a great filler, and because it's evenly diagonal in all directions, it doesn't draw the viewer's eye away from the area. It will work in almost any thread and cover well. Consider it for geometric areas, borders, foliage, paths, windows, buildings, animals (brush with a Bunka brush or other wire brush), snowmen (use a glitzy white thread), mittens, all sorts of things.

Remember that you can work the rows across or diagonally. Be sure to always cross your crosses the same way.

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