Stitch of the Month
March 2002: The Chilly Hollow Stitch

by Jean Hilton

This stitch is in honor of Jane Wood from Chilly Hollow, Virginia. Jane informs ANG-list participants of the URLs of many interesting Web sites. She chose the name of the stitch.

This motif has endless possibilities. You may create a diamond, a square, an octagon, or any other shape that suits your needs. Doodle on 18-count canvas with #8 pearl cotton or on 14-count canvas with #5 pearl cotton.

Every motif starts out with four foundation stitches, each one stitched twice so the subsequent stitches won't pull them out of shape. These are charted below. 

Now comes the fun! Count out to 1 in the half-diamond shape on the chart below, slide your needle under the foundation stitches and go down at 2. The working thread goes under and then over the foundation. Come up at 3, slide under the foundation again, down at 4. Continue on until one quarter of the diamond is done. The foundation stitches get rather packed around stitch 9-10 so you need to slide under very carefully.

Follow the same procedure for the next section but there's a difference here. Look at the dots and circles on the chart below. Stitch 1 of the second quarter shares with Stitch 12 of the first area. Slide this first stitch under 13-14 and under the foundation stitches of the second quadrant. The second stitch of the second area slides under the foundation only. Repeat this procedure at the top where the Xs share with the white circles, and again on the right side where the gray squares share with the Xs.

The chart below shows a variation beginning with foundation stitches on the diagonal. According to the above instructions, we'd start out with 9-10, then 7-8. However, the numbering as shown gives a smoother look.

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