Stitch of the Month
November 2002: Medallion Stitch

by Carole Lake

Sample Stitched by Pat Timpanaro

The medallion stitch is a lacy, filled, diamond-shaped stitch that makes a nice, subtle filler. Since the canvas shows through, this is a great stitch to showcase a colored canvas or to leave your paint showing. Use thinner threads and small value contrast to make this stitch an effective background, or use glitzy metallics and shiny threads to make a king's crown or a stained glass window.

This is a layered stitch. In the charts below, each layer is shown separately.  You may use the same threads for each layer, different threads for each layer, different values of the same color, different textures in the same value, etc.  You're limited only by your imagination!

Layer 1

Layer 2 Layer 3

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