Stitch of the Month
October 2002: Diamond Scotch Stitch

by Carole Lake

What a difference the thread makes! This is just the reversed Scotch, with the threads changed to make a pattern. This is very versatile and very attractive.

Take a look at the diagram: there are light stitches and dark stitches. I would work all the dark stitches first, then fill in the light stitches. I used two thread combinations. The left sample is Medici wool for the dark stitches and Gold Rush 14 for the light stitches. The right sample is Watercolours for the dark stitches and pearl cotton for the light stitches.

You can do lots of things with this stitch, but you have to watch out for distortion. Work it on a frame.

This makes a fabulous angel's dress or a ballgown in metallics, maybe even with a bead here and there. It makes a good background in one color and two different threads (white ribbon and white wool). It's great for geometric areas, and you can vary it like simulated upholstery in a tweed-like thread.

It's best in medium to large areas. It makes a very nice border. Vary it by making it bigger. It has a strong pattern and good texture.

Sample Stitched by Carole Lake

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