Stitch of the Month
January 2003: Cross Stitch Embellishments

by David McCaskill

Throughout 2003 I plan to present to you various stitches combined into stitch patterns or composite stitches.  For January Iíll be combining a cross stitch, upright cross, diagonal satin stitch and vertical and horizontal satin stitches.

In Step 1, work a square border pattern in a diagonal satin stitch.

Step 1
Step 1

In Step 2, begin to fill in the pattern with a cross stitch.

Step 2
Step 2

In Step 3, complete the square pattern with a vertical or horizontal satin stitch.

Step 3
Step 3

By connecting the individual squares as shown in Step 4, you are able to create an effective border.  (Optional:  Notice how I used a small cross stitch over two threads across the center of the longest length of the connection portion of the stitch.)

Example 4
Step 4

In any piece of stitchery, this stitch pattern can work as an effective background stitch where you want the illusion of a trellis. Connect the squares, vertically and horizontally. The thread colors you choose when stitching each step complete the illusion of an outdoor trellis covered with flowers. If you choose a light blue thread for Step 1, the satin stitch will look like sky. Use one of the colors in your floral design for the large cross stitch (Step 2) to represent a flower. For the upright cross in the center of Step 3, use a yellow as the flower center. Complete the remaining portions of Step 3 in white for the trellis.

For a more subtle background use one color in a thin thread, like a pearl 8 or pearl 12, and allow the canvas color or painted area to shadow through.


Samples stitched by David McCaskill

sample 2

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