Stitch of the Month
June 2003: Floral Trellis

by David McCaskill

This is a very pretty stitch worked over a dress area or used as a background behind a floral design or wedding sampler. Begin by creating a center bud: make a French knot ( #1 and #2). Then follow the stitching order shown with numbers 3 through 10 to create a braided cross stitch encircling the French knot.

Follow numbers 11 through 26 to add vertical, horizontal and diagonal stitches around the braided cross, and you've created a rose in full bloom.

Next, bring your needle up at A and go down at B to begin forming a giant mosaic that forms the connecting trellis or leaves. Complete this individual mosaic by making stitches C through F. Then stitch three more mosaic patterns surrounding the rose to form the complete connecting trellis or leaves.

Finish the background by working long horizontal stitches as shown by the dotted blue lines. For the model, I stitched the flower using a #12 overdyed metallic braid. The trellis/leaves were worked with four plies of overdyed floss. Both threads are from Needle Necessities. For the background, I used Anchor pearl cotton #8.

Stitch of the Month Sample - June 2003
Sample stitched by 
David McCaskill
(click on photo above for a larger image)

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