Stitch of the Month
March 2003: Water Stitch

by David McCaskill

This is my favorite stitch when I have an area of water to stitch.  It not only gives movement, but the addition of a metallic in Step 2 looks like the light reflecting off the ripples in the water. Normally I use two plies of a Needle Necessities Overdyed Floss to work Step 1 and a #4 metallic braid for the tent stitches in Step 2. If you're working over a painted canvas, try using a pearl #12 in a solid color close to the main color of the water. The pearl #12 will allow the painted canvas to shadow through, eliminating the need to do the extensive shading normally found in a painted canvas. Then try two strands of white Accentuate for the tent stitches in Step 2.

Step 1
Step 1

March Stitch

Sample stitched by David McCaskill

Step 3
Step 2

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