Stitch of the Month
May 2003: Lace Pattern

by David McCaskill

This month's stitch combines eyelet stitch, upright cross and a variation of diagonal mosaic to create a lace pattern that works very well over a painted area, using a thin thread and allowing the shading and detail to shadow through.  It's also an effective background stitch on a birth or wedding sampler.  For the stitched model, I used one strand Au Ver a Soie silk pearl #699 for Steps 1 and 2 and one strand #4 metallic braid #308 for Step 3.
May SOTM, Step 1
Step 1
May SOTM, Step 2
Step 2

May SOTM, Step 3
Step 3

Stitch of the Month Sample - May 2003
Sample stitched by 
David McCaskill
(click on photo above for a larger image)

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