Stitch of the Month
December 2004: Illuminations

by Ann Strite-Kurz

December 2004 Stitch of the MonthA lantern was chosen for this year’s project as a symbol of the enlightenment which is inherent in the Stitch of the Month program. This designer thanks you for the privilege of sharing some concepts about couching patterns this past year and she hopes this project lights the way to further pleasure as you stitch some of the patterns introduced.

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Materials List

I have listed the threads of the model, but almost any combination of two colors should work for this project as long as similar values and weights of threads are used.

Please keep in mind that part of what makes the design so striking is the contrast provided by the black canvas ground. A pastel canvas will reduce the impact that the negative space has on the open patterning. This is not necessarily less attractive; the visual effect will simply be different.

10" X 12" Zweigart black 18-count mono canvas (Finished Design Size: 5 1/2" X 7 5/8")
10" X 12" stretcher frame
#8 pearl cotton:
    1 ball DMC #321 red
    1 ball Anchor #297 yellow (optional for handle)
#5 pearl cotton:
    1 skein DMC #321 red
    1 skein Anchor #297 yellow
Petite Very Velvet:
    1 card #V631 Christmas Red (optional for handle)
    1 card #V657 gold
Sparkle Rays:
    1 card #SR49 Lite Christmas Red
Kreinik #8 metallic:
    1 reel #235 red, black and gold metallic, Red Embers*

*This metallic was originally a custom blend but Kreinik has recently added it to its line as Red Embers. Shops will now be able to purchase it in 5 packs or 3 blister cards at a time, so please inquire.

Members of the ANG Internet Committee worked the design using a variety of threads and colors.  Take a look at our results!

Experiment with stitches and with colors, but most of all have fun and enjoy!

Let's start stitching!

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