Stitch of the Month
April 2007: Buttonhole Gobelin

by Brenda Hart

I enjoy doing this stitch because it always seems to look so beautiful when it’s finished no matter what thread is used. It looks pretty when used with silk ribbon, metallic ribbon, rayon ribbon, but it especially looks beautiful when stranded silk is used.

I call it horizontal Buttonhole Gobelin if the stitches are done going east and west, even though when done this way, the stitch gives a vertical appearance.

I call it vertical Buttonhole Gobelin, if the stitches are running up and down, even though it gives a horizontal appearance.  (See diagrams below.)

The stitch makes great borders stitched as a single stripe that has an even number of threads. I have used it on borders with as many 12 threads wide on 18 mesh. However, I wouldn’t want to use the stitch on a border that wide if the piece was going to be handled.

Horizontal Buttonhole Gobelin looks great as a stitch for a tall building, and whether it is done vertically or horizontally and in stranded silk it gives a quiet appearance.

Done horizontally it looks very elegant because it flows vertically and gives the appearance of height.

If the stitches are running vertically, this stitch works well as a fill stitch for a large area.

Now that I have probably confused everyone, I have shown the diagrams below as examples.

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