Stitch of the Month
August 2007: Hungarian Variation

by Brenda Hart

August stitch of the month is a Hungarian variation. I especially like to use the stitch on a painted canvas on which flower petals have been painted. Usually flower petals are round or curved, and I like to mimic the shape of these petals as closely as I can. My personal preference is not to use a square or rectangular stitch in round or curved areas. In other words, I would not use a square shaped stitch on a flower petal. This should give you some ideas for the use of this stitch. I wouldn't use it as a stitch on animals, or mountains, or trees, unless they were childish or cartoonish looking pictures.

I use 4 plies of floss or silk on 18 mesh canvas, and usually 6 plies of floss or silk on 14 mesh canvas. I say usually, because certain colors of floss or silk seem thinner than others, especially some of the darker colors. If you find that 6 plies are not covering the canvas well and you are using your laying tool, then bump the thread up a ply or two.

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On this stitched sample, I used silk for all the stitches except the ones printed in black. Because I stitched the sample on an 18 mesh painted canvas, I used size 8 Kreinik fine braid. Some may wish to use a heavier metallic thread such as Kreinik size 12 Tapestry braid. For size 14 mesh canvas, I would use size 16 medium braid. If you are using a wool thread such as Medici or a wool blend such as Burmilana, I would use 2 plies on 18 mesh, and 3 or 4 plies for 13 or 14 mesh canvas.

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Here I've shown the stitch rotated 90 degrees. I'm sure you all know that you don't always have to do a stitch exactly as shown in the book. Sometimes it looks better turned a different direction.

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