Stitch of the Month
February 2007: Woven Diamond Stitch

by Brenda Hart

For February I have chosen the Woven Diamond stitch. My sample is done on 18 mesh canvas. I used 4 plies of Soie D'Alger for the vertical stitches and size 8 Kreinik braid for the woven stitch.

If the stitch is done on 14 mesh canvas, I suggest using 6 plies of Soie D'Alger for the vertical stitches and size 12 Kreinik Tapestry braid for the woven stitch.

I have numbered the stitch in the order I feel it should be done. However, if you lose your place while stitching it or while trying to compensate it, I begin with the center of the diamond's longest stitch and proceed from there.

When you are ready to weave the metallic thread through the stitch pattern, come up from the back of the canvas, weave the thread across the entire area horizontally, and then go to the back of the canvas. Repeat until the entire area is covered.

This stitch works best for large areas. By placing it in larger areas, it allows the beautiful pattern to show more readily.



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