Stitch of the Month
January 2007: Reversed Criss Cross Hungarian Stitch

by Brenda Hart

This year for Stitch of the Month, I plan to present to you, stitches that are some of "My Favorites". Some of these stitches you may have used before and some may be new to you. I will also be giving you suggestions for ways to use them and various threads to use with these stitches.

The stitch for January is a Reversed Criss Cross Hungarian stitch. The version shown over 4 canvas threads is an open stitch, so you will want to use it on a painted canvas or colored canvas. The stitch works best and is prettier on 18 mesh canvas or Congress Cloth.

The tendency is to work the stitch in horizontal rows, however, I prefer to work it the way I have it numbered. You are less likely to make a mistake and it is easier to understand when working it in this order.

I like working the stitch in a plied (stranded) silk or floss using 3 or 4 plies on 18 mesh canvas or 2 or 3 plies on Congress Cloth. The small Cross Stitch can be worked in a metallic thread such as size 8 or size 4 Kreinik metallic braid or a contrasting color of silk or floss. If you are working the smaller version, I would use 3 plies of silk for 18 mesh and 2 plies of silk for Congress Cloth

You now have 2 versions or variations for the stitch. One over 4 canvas threads and then a smaller version over 3 canvas threads. Try both on a "Doodle Canvas". Then when you want to use it you can readily see which one fits best on your project..

Diagram 1

Diagram 2

Diagram 3

Diagram 4

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