Stitch of the Month
May 2007: Small Grounding

by Brenda Hart

The May Stitch of the Month is the Small Grounding stitch.

It consists of 3 steps. Each step can be stitched with a different thread, a different color, or all can be stitched in the same color. It is fun to experiment with this stitch. As shown in the diagrams, the stitch forms squares. So, if you prefer not having such a structured stitch you should offset the square shapes.

The first step in the sample you see here stitched on 18 count mono canvas was stitched in size 8 Kreinik fine braid.

The second step was stitched using 2 plies of Soie d' Alger,

and the third step was also stitched in 2 plies of Soie d' Alger.

If you prefer heavier coverage, you might use 3 plies on 18 count canvas. In hindsight, I think 3 plies of the silk would have been better.

You could also begin with a silk thread, and then stitch steps two and three in a metallic thread, or the first step could be a metallic thread, the second step could be a silk thread, and the third step could be a metallic thread again. I've stitched the Small Grounding stitch in all these variations, and I liked them all.

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