Stitch of the Month
October 2007: Brighton Stitch

by Brenda Hart

The Brighton stitch is stitch of the month for October. It is related to the Scotch stitch. If you look at the stitch closely, it looks as though someone has taken the center stitches out of a group of Reversed Scotch stitches and placed those stitches together to make a pattern.

The Brighton stitch is an all over pattern, (perhaps I should say non-directional). There are times when it is necessary to use a stitch pattern that does not flow horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

Also, the size of the stitch can be adjusted to make it fit into many different sized areas.

Brighton Stitch - Step One

The colored sample was stitched on 18 mesh canvas. I used 2 plies of Soie d’Alger. Other choices might be one strand of size 8 pearl cotton, one strand of Elegance, or one strand of size 8 Kreinik fine braid.

On 14 mesh canvas, I would use 4 or 5 plies of silk, one strand of size 5 pearl cotton, 2 strands of size 8 pearl cotton or Elegance, 2 or 3 plies of Medici, or one strand of size 16 Kreinik medium or size 16 Coronet Braid.

Brighton Stitch - Step Two

For step two, I used one strand of size 8 Kreinik fine braid. Other choices might be two plies of silk or floss, one strand of Elegance, or one strand of Flair.

On 14 mesh canvas, one strand of Petite Frosty Rays for step one, and one strand of size 12 Tapestry braid for step two. I like the look of a metallic thread against wool, so one or two strands of Paternayan for step one, and one strand of size 12 Kreinik Tapestry braid for step two could be used.

Brighton Stitch - Step Three

For Brighton stitch Step Three, I have listed 3 different options.

Option One: Beads or French Knots. Use size 14 beads on 18 mesh canvas and size 11 for 14 mesh canvas. Beads are like needles, the bigger the number, the smaller the bead.

Option Two: An Upright Cross looks very nice in the center of this stitch. There are many threads that could be used. Some of the choices could be metallic threads such as Kreinik braid, floss, silks, and or wools. If you choose to use Kreinik braids, use size 8 for 18 mesh and size 12 or 16 for 14 mesh.

Option Three: Symrna Crosses Again, your imagination is your only limit for thread choices.

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