Stitch of the Month
September 2007: Medallions

by Brenda Hart

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September Stitch Of The Month is "Medallions". Medallions could be used on clothing, for wallpaper, on draperies, etc. The stitch could be done in all one color, two colors, overdyed silk or floss with metallic, or all one color and a metallic thread.

It looks best when 4 plies of silk or floss are used on 18 mesh canvas and five or six plies are used on 14 mesh canvas.

If Medici or Burmilana is being used, then 2 plies of Medici or Burmilana is suggested for 18 mesh canvas, and 3 plies is suggested for 14 mesh.

Frosty Rays would look lovely with Petite Frosty Rays being used for 18 mesh and regular Frosty Rays for 14 mesh. If you haven't tried size 8 Pearl Cotton on 14 mesh, you really should. Use 2 strands on 14 mesh canvas. (With your laying tool of course) I don't use it on 18 mesh unless I'm doing a slanted stitch because it doesn’t cover well when doing straight stitches.

Begin by stitching the 4 center stitches of the medallion on the top right side.

  1. Start with the top center stitch and move clockwise around the medallion.
  2. When the 4 center stitches have been completed, begin stitching clockwise again with the small stitch at the top left of the medallion. Stitch around the medallion until it is completed.
  3. Begin stitching the center stitches of the medallion to the left of the completed one, and repeat the instructions above.

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If 2 colors or types of threads are desired, this next step would be the area in which to do it. The diamond shaped stitch could be done in a metallic thread, a close value of silk or floss, or one of the colors could be taken from an overdyed floss or silk that may have been used for the medallions.

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The stitch diagram below shows a choice of direction for the stitches that create the diamond shapes between the medallions.

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