Stitch of the Month
August 2008: Raised Spider

by Lois Kershner

August 2008 features a round Raised Spider stitch. This stitch appears to float above the canvas, naturally creating a sense of dimension. It can look very refined when done in a delicate silk, although if using a thicker thread is can take on a more textured appearance. The Raised spider is lovely as a standalone flower. Or use it as a flower center surrounded by flower petals. It is also nicely used as a button on a jacket, an airplane propeller in motion, or a lollipop.

Raised Spider

The Raised Spider is one of several Spider stitches. Others are the Ribbed Spider (October 2008), Woven Spider and Ringed Spider (July 2008).

Create the round Raised Spider in two steps. Start with a foundation of straight threads called “spokes”. The Raised Spider can be done with an odd or even number of spokes. The chart below illustrates an even number of spokes going from one side of the circle’s perimeter to the opposite side. A suggested circle diameter is one inch or less.

Raised Spider Spokes

In the second step you will wrap a thread around the foundation spokes from the center to the outside of the circle. It is best to use a long thread so that all the wraps can be done without needing to begin a new thread. In the illustration below the direction of the wrapping is counter clockwise; the stitch can also be done in a clockwise direction.

Begin by bringing your thread up very close to the center between two spokes. Take your needle over a spoke, then wrap back under and over it. Move to the next spoke and again go over it, then wrap back under and over it. Continue around the circle in this way.

Raised Spider Chart

Raised Spider Stitching Example

When you reach the first wrapped spoke, place another wrap around it, starting a second row of wraps just outside the first row. The wrapped threads should lay smoothly next to each other without overlapping. Keep your wrapping thread tension even so that the spokes remain straight, not pulled to one side or the other. Go all away around the circle until you reach the outer edge of the spokes. After wrapping over the last spoke, take your needle down next to it.

Notice how interesting this stitch appears as a multicolored lollipop. You could also use the stitch for a flower center.

Multicolored Raised Spider

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