Stitch of the Month
July 2008: Woven Spider

by Lois Kershner

Our July 2008 stitch is a Woven Spider. This stitch is one of the family of spider stitches. The Raised Spider and Ribbed Spider will be introduced later in this series of stitches with a circle theme.

The Woven Spider is stitched in two steps. First lay a foundation of straight spokes, then weave over and under these stitches. The woven spider reminds me of crepe paper woven through the spokes of a bicycle wheel for a 4th of July parade. It also makes a lovely pattern for a small flower or the center of a flower.

Woven Spiders

In the above illustration the Woven Spider on the left shows the spokes and the way the woven thread goes over and under them. However, when doing the stitch you will want to take the woven thread as close to the outer edge of the spokes as possible.

Another possibility for the Woven Spider is a lovely ribbon rose using fine silk ribbon. Do not pull tightly on the ribbon so that it will leave natural folds.

Woven Spider Ribbon Rose

Start with an uneven number of foundation spokes that radiate from a center point. The chart below shows five spokes stitched by bringing the needle up along the outer edge of the circle and down in a common shared center hole. Keep the spokes short so the thread woven through the spokes will lay next to each other rather than overlap.

Woven Spider Foundation Spokes

You can also create the spokes starting with a Fly stitch having a long tail and adding two straight stitches as shown in the chart below. Bring your needle up at 1. Take your needle down at 2, leaving a bit of slack in your thread on top of the canvas. Bring your needle up at position 3. Cross over the thread from your first stitch and take your needle down in a center position at 4. Pull threads gently so that they lay flat against the canvas. Now add two more spokes by bringing your needle up at 5 and down at 4, then up at 6 and down again at 4. There should be an equal distance between the spokes.

Woven Spider Spokes started with a Fly Stitch

Now you are ready to start weaving around the spokes. Begin by bringing your needle up between two spokes at the center of the circle. Weave the needle over and under the foundation spokes, working from the center to the outside of the circle. Keep the tension of the thread even.

Weaving Over and Under the Spokes

Variations on a Theme
Enlarging the Woven Spider Circle

The spokes of the circle are probably too long and the circle too large if your thread begins to turn over or pull under the previously woven thread. If you wish a larger spider you can add spokes to extend the circumference of the circle. Add spokes in pairs to keep an odd number of spokes.

Adding Spokes to Enlarge a Woven Spider

Ringed Spider

In this variation of the woven spider the foundation spokes do not go into a center hole. Use an uneven number of straight satin stitches for the spokes. You can fill the center of the circle with beads, French Knots or other stitches.

Ringed Spider Chart

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