Stitch of the Month
May 2009: Diagonal Pattern Couching

by Tony Minieri

In this type of pattern the laid foundation stitch is worked first for each row and then the row is completely couched before laying the next foundation thread. Usually all the couching stitches are Tent stitches.

***This type of pattern can be used when you have a small detailed pattern that is far up front in your design and you want to keep a higher texture for the area. You can use a metallic or round thread for the laid foundation and a stranded or ribbon type thread for the couching stitches.

To stitch on the Mystery Project for 2009

Verify that you are stitching in the correct section by referring to the roadmap diagram here.


Using 1 strand of C3________________ for the laid foundation and 3 strands of A1_________________for the couching thread, stitch all the areas marked 4 in this pattern. This diagram is used for the right side of the center section, continuing up to the collar in the set pattern



The left (as you are looking at it) side is worked in a mirror-imaged slant.

Mirror Image

To finish the top of the two center sections, you can follow these charts which give an extension of the pattern.

Top of Right Side

Top of Left Side

Turn canvas ¼ turn when stitching the cuffs. The slant of the foundation threads should be the same for the cuff and center section on a given side. On the left side, the foundation thread slants from northwest to southeast. On the right side, they slant from the northeast to the southwest. Turn the canvas ¼ turn when stitching the cuffs. To stitch the left cuff, use the first pattern chart (what you used to stitch the right center section). To stitch the right cuff, follow the mirror image chart. Make sure the cuffs are lined up on the same six threads across the center.

Right Cuff

Left Cuff

Remember this stitch is 6 threads wide in all places it occurs. The center section is two sets of 6 threads wide.

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