Stitch of the Month
November 2009: Diagonal Trellis

by Tony Minieri

This is a 4-step filling pattern.

****This pattern can be used much the same way that the Upright trellis is used.

To stitch on the Mystery Project for 2009

Verify that you are stitching in the correct section by referring to the roadmap diagram here. This pattern starts on the left side of the Kimono and continues down to finish on the bottom of the right side of the kimono. There are multiple areas where this stitch appears.


This is a 4-step filling pattern.

Step 1) Using 1 strand of C3______________, stitch the diagonal trellis foundation. Each stitch varies in length and goes from design line to design line on the true diagonal. Work the SW-NE slant first. The stitches are horizontally and vertically 6 threads apart and are diagonally 3 threads apart.

Step 2) Using 3 strands of C2______________, stitch the center stitch of the diagonal Hungarian stitches that tie down the trellis foundation. Work this step in horizontal zigzag rows.

Step 3) Using 1 strand of B2_______________, stitch the “over 2” diagonals that complete the Diagonal Hungarian tie down stitch.

Step 4) Using 1 strand of A4________________, stitch the Upright crosses that complete the pattern. Work these in diagonal rows.

****When you hit the inner outline of the sleeve, break the stitch into two elements where it crosses this line so you can delineate this line and backstitch it later. Do this for all subsequent patterns that hit either of these design lines.

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