Stitch of the Month

designed by Sue Reed

Hi! Here we are at the end of Spring and the start of Summer.

AREA C - part 1:

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Satin stitch:

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Threads: Family C Splendor Silk

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- Using 3 ply Family C Splendor Silk (_______________), fill the 30 x 30 thread squares with the Satin stitch pattern as charted. Take care to lay the plies as smoothly as possible.

[HINT: - Measure your stretcher strips. Use a permanent marker and write the size near the top of each side of the bar. If the bars are stored ‘on end’ then the correct size is easy to spot. - If you know the size of your stretcher strips you are using on a project, you automatically have a ruler with you!]

Look forward to our next session in July.


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