Stitch of the Month

designed by Sue Reed

Happy May 1! Here is another ‘light’ month for stitching. This will allow for catch-up stitching those of you who need the extra time.

AREA B - part 4:

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Crescent cup:

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Threads: Family A Vineyard Silk

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- Using 1 strand Family A Vineyard Silk (________________), fill the corner areas with Crescent cups. Work from the Elongated Cashmere stitches forming the cross in the center of Area B to the Amadeus heart in each corner so that the top stitches will be closest to the hearts. Don’t worry about carrying the thread across the open area. In December this cup section will be filled with beads.

[HINT: If your hands are rough, place a teaspoon of granulated sugar in the palm of your hand. Add a few drops of water to turn the sugar into a rough scrub and rub into the back and front of your hands. Rinse well, dry, and add lotion.]

See you in June.


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