Stitch of the Month

designed by Sue Reed

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AREA E - part 1:

Satin stitch heart motifs:

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Threads: Family A Vineyard Silk
Family B Vineyard Silk
Family C Vineyard Silk

There are nine (9) Satin stitch heart motifs that run along the outer border, corner (#1) across to the other corner (#9). Place your motifs in any color order that you prefer.

Since you will begin to stitch this border using all three families of color without the knowledge of the final appearance, let me tell you what I did for color placement:

  • As I had used so much Family A (red) in the design, I opted to use Family A for #1 and #9 (pulling the color out to the corners) and also for #5 (to anchor at the midpoint).
  • My Family B (green) was a brighter and lighter color than Families A and C. I knew I wanted to use this color for the background (coming up in November) therefore I used Family B for #3 and #7.
  • Family C was used as the primary color for the corner squares, so it worked to place Family C for motifs #2, #4, #6, and #8 (closest to that corner square).

My color placement:
#1, #5, #9 in Family A Vineyard Silk (__________)

#2, #4, #6, #8 in Family C Vineyard Silk (__________)

#3, #7 in Family B Vineyard Silk (__________)

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- Using 1 strand of Vineyard Silk, stitch the Satin heart motifs. Count carefully in both the stitching and the placement. There are eight (8) canvas threads between the motifs or for another way of counting there are 16 (sixteen) canvas threads between the centers of each motif.

Couched Diagonal:

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Threads: Family A #12 braid
Family B #12 braid
Family C #12 braid

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- Using 1 strand of the #12 braid in the color that matches the Satin stitch heart motifs, form a diamond around the motif with the Braid and then couch it with the same braid as shown in the Couched Diagonal diagrams.

[HINT: To keep from ‘dead-ending’ while stitching these Couched Diagonals forming the diamond shape, lay the four long diagonal stitches around the Satin stitch motifs first, then couch each long diagonal stitch down with tent/reverse tent stitches.]

Since it’s Halloween season and I work in Salem, MA.....BOO!


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