Stitch of the Month
December 2011: Border and Background

Designed by Ro Pace

Master chart for border and background.

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And check to see what we did this year here.

The entire chart for the outside and background is shown below

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Angel Wings

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Straight Angel Wing

Diagonal Angel Wing

Changing from Straight to Diagonal Angel Wing

Use 2-ply of thread #5_____ for both the diagonal and straight Wings. The Wings share holes along the upper wing section. You can end one wing in the #12 hole and bring your needle up to #4/1 hole for the next wing. See either Chart A or B below. You can only cross/drag your thread along the lower section of the wing to avoid a shadow. NOTE: the two angel wings at the top center and the two at the bottom center are compensated by being 1 thread wider than the others. Look closely at the (enlarged) "Entire Chart for the outside and background."

Use Chart A when you are stitching from left to right. And Chart B when you are stitching from right to left.

Chart A

Stitching from Left to Right

Chart B

Stitching from Right to Left

The stitching method for the diagonal wings is the same. Follow Chart C if stitching from left to right. Use Chart D if stitching from right to left.

Chart C

Stitching Left to Right

Chart D

Stitching Right to Left

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Use thread #9_____ to stitch the background. The stitch is a simple backstitch over 3 intersections to form a diamond. Anchor your thread in the border at the far right corner and work the stitch on the diagonal. You can stitch this in a manner that you are comfortable with. Just make sure you don't cross open space as you will create a shadow. End and start your threads in the Angel Wing border.

Chart E

Chart F


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