Stitch of the Month
January 2011: Flowers of Italy

Designed by Ro Pace

Hints and Tips

Find an overdyed floss, cotton or silk.
Select three colors from that thread.
In each of the colors find a subtle, monochromatic overdyed thread.
If you can’t then use a solid color.

Match each of the colors to a cotton or silk #12 pearl thread.
If you are using an 18 count canvas you can up the perle size to #8.
Also, you can sub a size #4 Kreinik or one of the skinny Rainbow Gallery metallic threads in place of the Accentuate.

There are ten 24 by 24 diamond areas. Six of them have complete coverage. Four show background. You can see where each of the months will be placed in this diagram:

Click on image for larger version

If you want to color control your piece the following will help:
  • One of the four that show background uses threads 2, 3 & 4. The other three use 7 & 8.
  • Of the six that have complete coverage:
    • Two of the six use threads 2 & 4.
    • Two of the six use threads 6 & 8.
    • One of the six uses thread 2 & 3.
    • One of the six uses thread 7 & 8.

Also see the thread usage chart which shows the threads used in each month.

Make a second copy of the January layout. Cut the diamonds out. Note on each diamond what color numbers you will be using. Now you can move the diamonds around until you get the color layout that you like the most. Put the color numbers inside of each diamond. When you get the instructions each month you can determine where you want to place it.

Congress cloth is unforgiving of needle holes, so anchor your threads with an away knot placed next to the stretcher bars. Place the tail end, on the top of your canvas, there as well. You can weave them in when you are finished stitching.

Materials List

14 x 10 Eggshell congress cloth
*( 19 x 13 Eggshell 18 count mono canvas can be substituted)

1. J.L.Walsh Silk Perle #2911 - 1 skein
2. Finca Perle Cotton #12 4812 Moss Green - 1 spool
3. Finca Perle Cotton #12 8069 Light Topaz - 1 spool
4. DMC Perle Cotton #12 814 Burgundy - 1 spool

Gloriana Stranded Silk
5. Flowers of Italy #194 - 1 skein
6. Granny Smith Green #053 - 1 skein
7. Cranberry #062 1 - skein
8. Autumn Gold #041 - 1 skein

Access Commodities
9. Accentuate #256 - 1 spool

Threads 1 to 4 use any perle cotton/silk in size 12 for congress cloth or size 8 for 18 count canvas.
Threads 5 to 8 use any stranded threads. Silk or cotton. Over dyed or solid.
Thread 9 use any very skinny sparkly thread or 1-ply of a floss thread.

If you have any questions, you can contact the Internet Committee at or Ro at

Instructions for January

The design is made up of 10 diamonds. There are 24 canvas threads on each side.

Below is an overall diagram for the year. It is in a vertical orientation to be easier to print on a page.

Click on image for larger version

This shows one of the diamonds.

Click on image for larger version

This shows right side of the design.

Click on image for larger version

Center outline. Do not use this chart for counting canvas threads. There are 24 intersections on each side of every diamond. This chart was condensed for ease of numbering. The square at the points of the small, arrows indicate each hole used. The numbers, reading from left to right are the numbers for that hole. The long arrows show the direction of the stitch.

NOTE: With the exception of the holes on the left and right sides, all holes share at least two numbers/threads. All of your stitches will come up in the center row, (odd numbers) and they will go down in the top or bottom row (even numbers).

Use thread # 1______.
Use a long (at least 45 inch) length of thread.
Place an away knot near the top of your canvas.
Find the center hole of your canvas.
Come up in that hole.
Count up and to the right over 24 canvas threads.
The #1-2 stitch is in the center of the canvas.
Follow the numbers. When you go down at #24 go to the next diagram for the numbers for the outer diamonds.

Click on image for larger version

Outside outline.

Stitch the outside arrows only.

Click on image for larger version


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