Stitch of the Month
May 2011: Chilly Hollow

Designed by Ro Pace

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This stitch is a variation of the stitch from March 2002

Find the center of your diamond. See green circle in small chart.

Double stitch the anchor threads on the lower right side with thread #2_____. Then, using the same thread, follow the chart below. Come up at hole #1, go over the anchor and with the tip of your needle pointing down, slide your needle under the anchor threads before you go down in the #2 hole. Keep the threads that go over the anchor neatly lined up next to each other.

Rotate your canvas one quarter turn and repeat with thread #4_____. Repeat the maneuvers till all four sides have been stitched. I added the large, two-color Smyrna in the center using these two colors when finished. (See SOTM for February 1999 for instructions)

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