AREA 2: Criss-Cross Hungarian

By Shay Pendray

Threads Used:


Use 3-4 strands of Waterlilies 219 Cardinal Red (My Thread ___________) for the diagonal stitches depending on the coverage you want.

Use 1 strand of Kreinik Fine (#8) Braid 421 (My Thread ___________) for the small cross stitches.

Notes: I worked all the diagonal stitches first and then added the cross stitches.

Comments on Stitch

Criss-cross Hungarian is a non-directional pattern, repeats in four ways, horizontally and diagonally, depending on the stitcher’s perception. Having a perceptually handicapped child has taught me great lessons in how people learn. It is also fun to do to make it fit into small areas. I made a 4" by 4" square on #18 canvas, in pearl cotton, ecru. It makes the absolutely nicest house gift to sit on someone's dresser. You can stitch this in any type of thread, or combination of threads, and it makes great snow if stitched in two white metallics. It is also a great background stitch because it is simply an over all pattern.

Designer Biographical Information

Shay Pendray is a teacher, lecturer, designer, and hosted a TV show on PBS “Needle Arts Studio”. Among her books are Inventive Needlework, The Needleworkers Companion, Stitching Toward Perfection and Shay Pendray Needle Craft Projects. She has received the Lifetime Achievement award from NAN in 2000. The ANG Literary Award in 2001 for her outstanding contribution to needlepoint. She studied with four different teachers in Japan bringing Japanese Embroidery to the US where she has taught this in her shop and at Callaway Gardens.